Nowadays, most of people are prone to take photos with their phones and store them inside. In addition, some others prefer to capture amazing memories, however keep them in the computer’s drive memory. Even though, millions of photos are taken each day, for some reason there are less photos printed.

Perhaps, is a convenience reasoning or maybe just a choice, however, more and more clients prefer to opt out of the wedding album option. Whether is a matter of choice that in order to save money, they just "want" the digital files and decide to create their own album that they could never accomplish? Amazing life memories that are just lost and would never be recovered.

Each time a client decides to not invest in an album, is just relates to a true story. A family story whether the son lives far away from his parent’s home, and each time he visits them, he loves to open the family photo albums and admire amazing pictures and live again its childhood, love stories, family gathering and life achievements. A complete history is preserved forever through beautiful pictures that would show the family tree to many generations to come.