Everything began with a photo and Peter’s desire to capture amazing moments…

Peter is a fun-loving and an experienced photograph, who enjoys working behind the scenes and that, has a soft spot for parties and express their emotions and beauty into wonderful memories.

Since childhood, Peter has shown a real talent for photography art embedded into a purpose to expressing the unique moments as impressive pictures with everlasting meaning.

A dream began to take shape and Peter s mission is to make your celebration day a simpler process from bookings to receiving outstanding photos.

From getting recognition from family and friends to receiving amazing feedback from his clients, Peter has grown his passion for photography and to express high standard quality in his pictures by using high technology and widgets.

Complemented with his original and creative twist, Peter, commits to keep the sweetness of weddings and the originality of the captured celebrations.

Peter is passionated about traveling, and he had been exploring different countries from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Romania, Germany, France to Israel and Jordan. He enjoys to take photo shoots not only in UK and in Europe, however, worldwide as well.